Customer Notification System

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What is the Customer Notification System?

RMLD’s Customer Notification System will send alerts and notices to enrolled customers via phone, text, and/or email depending on each customer’s preference. RMLD invites customers to sign up to receive alerts now in preparation for the upcoming rollout of this system.

What types of alerts are available?

Unplanned Outage Alerts will be the first of multiple alert categories to be implemented. Once launched, enrolled customers will receive alerts when an unplanned power outage is detected at their property, when an estimated time of restoration is established, and when power is restored. In most cases, alerts will be sent when a power outage is detected by RMLD’s Outage Management System (OMS) regardless of whether the outage has been reported by a customer.

The following additional alert types will be rolled out as a future phase of the project:

  • Planned Outage Alerts, such as for system maintenance and any meter replacements, will be added to the Outage Alert category in the future. Customers who opt in to receive outage alerts now will not need to opt-in again to receive planned outage alerts in the future.
  • Critical Alerts will notify those enrolled of critical situations that may impact RMLD service or require widespread action from RMLD customers. This can include pleas for conservation during times of regional capacity shortages, regional voltage reductions, and more. Critical Alerts will be rolled out at a later time, but customers may enroll to receive future notifications now.
  • Shred the Peak Alerts will notify enrolled customers when peak electric use is predicted and ask that they voluntarily conserve electricity during the predicted peak window. Peak electricity is expensive, affecting power supply costs and in turn, customer bills. Collectively reducing electricity use during expensive peak times helps to control these costs and can also reduce regional carbon emissions. Shred the Peak Alerts will be rolled out at a later time, but customers may enroll to receive future notifications now. Customers who currently receive Shred the Peak Email Alerts from RMLD will continue to do so – there will be no changes at this time. Click here to learn more about Shred the Peak.

How to Enroll

To receive alerts, customers must first create an account in RMLD’s Customer Notification System Portal. Once an account is created, customers will have the ability to sign up for alerts and update their preferences and contact information at any time.

To enroll, customers will need their RMLD account number, the discount amount due from their last bill, and a valid email address. The enrollment process consists of creating a username and password, selecting which notifications the customer would like to receive, and selecting preferred communication channels (phone, text, and/or email) for each type of notification. Contact information will also be required. Once enrolled, customers may update their communication preferences or opt out at any time. The system is secure and RMLD will not share customer information.


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Other Outage Communication Tools

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System, which provides a dedicated phone line to report power outages, will also launch in conjunction with the Customer Notification System. In addition, an online outage map containing real-time information on power outages will be published to RMLD’s website at the time of the launch. No enrollment is required to utilize these tools.