Residential Energy Efficiency Programs

RMLD's Energy Efficiency Programs are intended to increase awareness and adoption of practices, products, and technologies that provide a multitude of benefits, such as:

  • Helping customers use energy more efficiently in their home or business
  • Reducing RMLD's electricity usage during expensive peak demand times
  • Helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions

The programs are a combination of education, services, and financial incentives such as rebates. Rebates are intended to encourage customers to purchase energy-efficient equipment that they otherwise may not have purchased without a rebate.

RMLD's Energy Efficiency Programs are funded by an Energy Conservation Charge included on each customer's electric bill in accordance with the Massachusetts Residential Conservation Services (RCS) Program. The charge is currently $0.001 per kilowatt-hour.


Helpful Information

Other Areas of Interest

Solar Guide

The Solar Guide covers a variety of topics related to installing solar including basic information, tips to select an installer, and available rebates. 

Solar Choice

RMLD's community shared solar program, Solar Choice, allows customers to participate in solar without installing panels on their own home.

Shred the Peak

Shred the Peak is a voluntary program that seeks to reduce our collective electricity usage during expensive peak demand times to control electric rates.

Plug-in Electric Vehicles

Plug-in Electric Vehicles offer significant environmental benefits and help EV owners save money on fuel and maintenance costs.