Residential Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program

Eligible Customer Class(es): RESIDENTIAL

Description: To promote energy efficiency, RMLD offers rebates to customers who purchase and install Energy Star certified appliances.

Incentive Amount: $50.00 - $125.00

Maximum Incentive: Not to exceed 50% of equipment cost excluding tax.

Rebate Limitations: Rebate quantity and frequency are per location and detailed in the table below.  

Eligible Products/Equipment:


Lifetime (Years)

Rebate Amount


Electric Induction Stove*12$125.00Maximum 1 per equipment lifetime, 24 inches or larger
Electric Resistance Stove *12$75.00Maximum 1 per equipment lifetime, 24 inches or larger




Maximum 1 per equipment lifetime

Washing Machine



Maximum 1 per equipment lifetime

Electric Clothes Dryer



Maximum 1 per equipment lifetime

Wireless (Smart) Thermostat



Maximum 2 per equipment lifetime

Dehumidifier10$40.00Maximum 1 per equipment lifetime
Air Purifier9$40.00Maximum 1 per equipment lifetime

*Because there is no Energy Star certification for electric induction stoves and electric resistance stoves, certification is not required for these items.

How to Apply: Submit application and supporting documentation via RMLD’s Online Customer Rebate Portal.

Required Supporting Documentation:

  • Proof of Purchase (must include description of item, purchase date, price paid, and purchased from)
  • Energy Star Label (when applicable)

Application Deadline: Application and supporting documentation must be received within 180 days of purchase.

Payment Method: This rebate will be issued as a bill credit.

Noteworthy changes from previous program:

08.09.22 – Removed Air conditioner from eligible equipment list, added electric resistance stoves and electric induction stoves

06.24.22 – Extended rebate application deadline from 90 to 180 days of purchase, added air purifier as eligible equipment, increased dehumidifier rebate amount from $25 to $40

11.08.21 – Added text in details column to clarify rebate limits per equipment lifetime for refrigerator, washing machine, electric clothes dryer, and dehumidifier.

05.11.21 – Updated application deadline language from “submitted” to “received.”

01.20.21 – Central air conditioning removed from eligible appliances; Heat pump hot water heater moved from eligible appliances into stand-alone program.

03.30.20 – Dishwasher removed from eligible appliances. 

Effective Date: January 20, 2021