Residential and Small Commercial Solar Rebate Program

Eligible Customer Class(es): ALL

Description: To reduce net carbon emissions and fulfill compliance obligations, the RMLD offers rebates to qualifying customers who install a grid-connected solar systems at their home or business that is less than 20 kilowatts (kW) in size. The RMLD will provide administrative support throughout the progression of the project.

Incentive Amount:

  • $600 per kilowatt 

Maximum Incentive: Not to exceed 50% of total installed (labor and materials) costs excluding tax up to $12,000.

Rebate Limitations: Rebates will be limited to 20 kW in system size per account (meter). System can be installed in phases; each phase will be eligible for a rebate.

Eligible Products/Equipment:

  • Photovoltaic
    • PV systems up to 20 kW DC in size.
    • All equipment must be UL listed.
    • Equipment must come with a 20-year or greater manufacturer’s performance warranty.
    • The system cannot have an aggregate value of more than 30% shading.
    • The system must be installed on roof segments with an azimuth of 80 to 280 degrees.
    • An automatic switch that disconnects from the grid in the event of a power failure. An AC safety disconnect switch must be installed at a location approved by the RMLD between the inverter and the electrical panel. The RMLD must have access to the disconnect switch at all times. The RMLD may temporarily disconnect the system to facilitate planned or emergency work.

Other Requirements:

  • System must be fully owned (purchased/financed) by the customer of record - 3rd party ownership and/or energy re-sale is not permitted within the RMLD territory.
  • RMLD interconnection pre-approval of solar system one line drawing is required.
  • The rebate must be reserved prior to system installation (rebate reservation).
  • Installation must be done by a licensed electrician. 
  • An RMLD Utility Authorization Number (UAN) is required. 
  • A Town Wiring Inspection is required post-installation (A Town Electrical Permit is a prerequisite to the wiring inspection). 
  • RMLD inspection is required post-installation.
  • A locus production meter is required and the customer must sign up for a ten-year solar data plan.
  • By participating in the program, the owner agrees to provide 100% of its Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to RMLD for the lifetime of the system.

Process Steps/Required Documentation:

1. Apply for Interconnection

RMLD’s Engineering Division must approve interconnection to RMLD's distribution system prior to system installation. Please send the following documents to

2. Apply for Rebate Reservation

Upload the following documents to the ONLINE REBATE PORTAL (RMLD account number is needed to apply):

  • Proof of Property Ownership (tax bill or copy of deed)
  • Shade Study (some shading analyses options: Solmetric SunEye, Solar Pathfinder, Wiley ASSET Software, Aurora software with LIDAR data available, Bright Harvest, Scanifly, and others)
  • Solar Contract between Homeowner and Contractor
  • Financial/Loan Documentation (if applicable)
  • Tree Removal Attestation (if applicable)

Following the submission, the homeowner and the contractor will receive a Solar Rebate Program Participant’s Agreement Form for e-signature.  

3. Receive Rebate Reservation

After the project is reviewed and the interconnection has been approved, the following will be sent to the contractor and customer:

  • Rebate Reservation Letter - Indicates the rebate amount and project completion deadline
  • Blank RMLD Certificate of Completion Form - This form will need to be completed for payment to be issued
  • Blank Change Request Form
  • Blank Locus Meter Connection Form and information packet

4. System Installation

Once rebate reservation has been received, system installation can begin. The installation must be completed within 1 year from when rebate reservation is received. Be sure to obtain the necessary electrical permits from the Town where the system is being installed prior to proceeding with installation.

5. System Inspection

At the completion of the installation, a site inspection must be performed by the Town’s Wiring Inspector. Once complete, upload the following document to the ONLINE REBATE PORTAL:

  • RMLD Certificate of Completion (signed by town wiring inspector)

The RMLD may visit the site to inspect the system after the Certificate of Completion is received. RMLD technical services will then install the RMLD bi-directional meter at the system. Once complete, RMLD will issue the Permission to Operate Letter to the customer and contractor.  

6. Submit Completion Documents

Upload the following documents to the ONLINE REBATE PORTAL for the rebate to be processed for payment:

  • RMLD-issued Permission to Operate Letter
  • Completed Locus Meter Connection Form
  • Picture of Locus meter powered on (showing legible meter ID)
  • Proof of Payment (invoice from installer or loan document)
  • Change Forms (if applicable)
  • Updated Shade Report and Paid Tree Removal Invoice (if applicable)

Application Deadline: Completion documents must be received within one year from the date of issue of the Rebate Reservation Letter.

Payment Method: Rebate will be issued as a check to the customer of record.

Noteworthy changes from previous version of program:

3.1.24 -- Rebate amount changed from $1,200 per kilowatt to $600 per kilowatt

12.19.23 -- Change to rebate amount beginning on March 1

10.18.22 -- Update to title 

Initial posting

Effective Date: April 6, 2022