Commercial Custom Rebate Program

Eligible Customer Class(es): NON-RESIDENTIAL

Description: To promote energy efficiency, electrification, and reduced net carbon emissions, the RMLD offers rebates to qualifying non-residential customers who install ENERGY STAR rated or other high-energy efficient custom equipment within their facility that will result in net energy savings and/or demand reduction. The rebate is available for retrofits of existing equipment or new construction. The RMLD will work with each customer to offer support with the progression of projects.

Incentive Amount: Incentive will be based on net energy savings and/or demand reduction resulting from the installation of premium (higher efficiency) vs conventional (standard efficiency) equipment.

Maximum Incentive: Not to exceed 50% of total installed (labor and materials) costs excluding tax up to $50,000.

Rebate Limitations: Limit one rebate per location per year.

Eligible Products/Equipment:

Custom Equipment to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Examples of equipment categories include: ECM Evaporator Fan Motors, Evaporator Fan Controls, Freezer/Cooler LEDs, Air Compressors, Heat Pump Systems, Chillers, Motors, Refrigerated Air Dryers, and Variable Frequency Drives. Lighting fixtures, luminaires, and lamps are excluded from this program.  

Other Requirements:

  • RMLD pre-approval is required. If a retrofit, the existing material or equipment must be in place and operational at the time of pre-approval.
  • Installation must be done by a licensed electrician. 
  • An RMLD Utility Authorization Number (UAN) is required. 
  • A Town Wiring Inspection is required post-installation (A Town Electrical Permit is a prerequisite to the wiring inspection). 
  • RMLD inspection is required post-installation.

Process Steps:

  • Pre-Installation:
    • Contact RMLD Integrated Resources at 781-942-6598 or for details on the pre-approval process.
    • The contractor must call RMLD at 781-942-6598 to obtain a Utility Authorization Number (UAN).
    • The contractor must obtain a Town Electrical Permit.
  • Post-Installation:
    • The contractor must ensure that the Town Wiring Inspection is completed.
    • Contact RMLD Integrated Resources at 781-942-6598 or to schedule a post-installation inspection within 60 days of project completion. 

How to Apply: Submit application and supporting documentation via RMLD’s Online Customer Rebate Portal.

Required Supporting Documentation:

  • Manufacturer’s Specification Sheets
  • Original Product Receipt/Invoice for each product installed
    • Retailer/Contractor name, address and phone number
    • Itemized listing of each product including quantity, product description, manufacturer, model number, unit measurement, etc.
    • Purchase price per product
    • Date “Paid in Full” or payment terms, such as “Charge” or “Net 30”
    • Product Installation Date
  • Proof of Payment
  • Proof of Installation (ex: photo)
  • Photo of nameplate (if applicable)

Application Deadline: Application and supporting documentation must be received within 180 days of final RMLD inspection.

Payment Method: Rebate will be issued as a check.

Noteworthy changes from previous version of program:

12.06.22 – Removed lighting controls from list of eligible products/equipment.

01.03.22 – Clarified program name and description to accurately reflect the intent of the program. Updated description to include projects that are part of a new construction. Updated incentive amount to accurately reflect the way rebates are calculated. Updated eligible products/equipment to include lighting controls and exclude lighting fixtures, luminaires, and lamps. Added photo of nameplate (if applicable) to required supporting documentation. Updated application deadline from 120 to 180 days.

05.11.21 – Updated application deadline language from “submitted” to “received.”

01.20.21 – Other Requirements and Process Steps updated to include pre-installation UAN and electrical permit requirements, and post-installation wiring inspection requirements. 

Effective Date: January 1, 2021