Director of Operations

Under general direction of the GM, the Director of Operations is responsible for the daily supervision and leadership of Operations personnel including line operations, substation maintenance, metering, facilities, and associated operations assistance. 

The Operations team is responsible for the construction, installation, and maintenance of RMLD’s distribution network, substations, metering systems, and ancillary assets, helping to ensure the safe and reliable operation of electric systems. 

This Director shall manage the Operations team and work to minimize risk to employees, customers, and the public. In addition, the Director shall lead the Operations team and direct the operations work in a time efficient and cost-efficient manner, supporting RMLD’s charter of providing reliable, low-cost, and non-carbon power to our customers.   

This Director shall work in collaboration and coordinate with other RMLD Directors, working as a team to ensure RMLD’s fulfillment of its charter and serving of its customers and other stakeholders. 

This Director role will coordinate and synchronize closely with the Director of Engineering since these two roles and teams are closely linked. 

The Director will contribute to RMLD’s long-term strategy as RMLD prepares for significant electrification and load growth. 

The Director may serve as control authority responsible for overseeing emergency and storm operations, as determined by the GM.  In addition, this Director directly supervises personnel regularly working in dangerous situations (personnel categorized as Group 4). 



Plan, staff, schedule, motivate, evaluate, and supervise all activities, projects, and training, including safety of all personnel under this Directors supervision. 

Ensure compliance with all RMLD’s policies and operational procedures, including construction standards and Service Requirements. 

Ensure compliance with NERC, MWEEC, ISO, NFPA, NESC, NESC codes, and ARC Flash operational requirements and ensure submission of required reporting, including reliability reports to NPCC and NERC. Submissions should be coordinated with appropriate Directors in other RMLD divisions including Engineering, Integrated Resources, and IT. 

With input from Operations employees, refine and improve work procedures, to more effectively and efficiently fulfill RMLD’s charter, improve safety, and increase the level of customer service.  

Develop plans and programs, in coordination with other Divisions, to obtain optimal value of the RMLD electric distribution system, including assets, equipment, expenses, and personnel.  

Manage expenses within the annual budget and alert the leadership team to expense trends (variances).  Help develop the annual budget. 

Provide input and guidance to the stock and purchasing team and assist in development and review of department bids and purchases. 

Ensure timely documentation, including maintenance of material evidence, of incidents and trouble reports to help ensure support of billing disputes, insurance claims, and team development. 

Coordinate with Town department management staff about maintenance, operations, and equipment problems, keeping GM informed and escalating to GM when appropriate. 

Enforce RMLD’s administrative and operational policies and procedures concerning engineering, constructing, operating, and maintaining the Electric Systems.  

Stay current with industry trends in technology, operational procedures, construction standards, and related best practices.  Help RMLD adopt and implement best practices.  

Contribute to and coordinate implementation of RMLD’s operations technology roadmap for grid optimization & distribution automation plans.  

Develop, coordinate, and oversee implementation of RMLD developed maintenance programs, safety, and operational procedures, etc.  

Take practical actions to minimize workplace accidents, injuries, and illnesses.  

Ensure that the RMLD system is operated within all applicable laws, safety standards, and environmental rules. 

Perform other related duties as required or assigned by the General Manager.  


Education and Experience  

Bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent discipline as determined by the RMLD management. 

Minimum 10 years of supervisory skills including coaching and mentoring at least 10 employees in a unionized environment, including line workers, maintenance workers, and field-based technicians.  Proven team leadership and ability to delegate while ensuring safe and effective completion of projects. 

Minimum 10 years of experience in electric utilities, including underground, overhead, substations, and advanced metering and network automation systems.  Experience developing and implementing best utility practices. 

At least 5 years of experience of project management, with ability to plan and manage complex construction and maintenance projects, several simultaneously and involving multiple departments / divisions, delivering on time, on scope, and on budget. Proven ability to implement new technologies and new procedures.   

Knowledge in power systems analysis and coordination, including demonstrated understanding in utility engineering, management, construction practices, outage analysis, and system switching and restoration. 

Effective utility administration, budget development and personnel management.  

Demonstrated ability to lead teams.  Confidence and maturity with the ability to connect, inspire and influence others. Demonstrated positive attitude. 

Help other members of your team achieve a common goal effectively. Foster a collaborative environment to problem solve and celebrate successes.  

Effective verbal and written skills and the ability to “vision cast” (effectively communicate ideas as well as specific tactical actions).  Able to facilitate group discussions, adapt communication style to suit different audiences, and able to develop accurate written materials.  Able to both listen and communicate on both an emotional and intellectual levels.  


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities  

Knowledge of overhead and underground distribution network protective devices. 

Knowledge of proper construction standards and ability to research and adopt new standards. 

Knowledge in planning, design, and implementation of grid optimization, advanced metering systems, distribution automation, and related technology integration. 

Knowledge of substation design and maintenance. 

Knowledge of NESC, OSHA and related distribution construction standards. 

Knowledge of FERC accounting principles desired. 

Knowledge of GIS and applicable software packages. 

Familiarity with various distribution analysis software applications. 

Ability to respond positively and appropriately when faced with the need to change, maintaining strong composure under pressure.  

Ability to consistently meet commitments to the business and to others. Quickly define business requirements into actions.  


Physical Demands

This job operates both in the field (occasionally in dangerous work situations) and in a professional office environment.  Capable of performing job functions for extended periods of time.  Moderate physical effort will be required intermittently.  



Performs duties in accordance with established policies, codes, laws, and professional standards, reviewing unusual questions with General Manager. Demonstrates initiative in ensuring continued process improvements to demonstrate better accuracy, productivity, safety, and overall customer service. Strong understanding of utility best practices and preventative initiatives.  Capable of managing large and multiple projects. 



Supervise operations staff and field personnel as required. Assigns or provides appropriate supervision of outside contractors working on RMLD projects. Mentors Operations team to promote their career development as outlined in their respective career development plans (CDPs). Coach employees with appropriate documentation. Removes roadblocks and motivates team members to excel. This is a hands-on leadership role (player/coach). 

Qualify and serve as Control Authority as determined by the General Manager. 


Valid Class D Driver’s License