Residential Electric Heat Pump Hot Water Heater Rebate Program

Eligible Customer Class(es): RESIDENTIAL

Description: To promote electrification and reduce net carbon emissions, RMLD offers rebates to customers who install an Energy Star Rated electric heat pump hot water heater in their home. Heat pump hot water heaters can be significantly more efficient than electric resistance and natural gas water heaters.

Incentive Amount: $200

Maximum Incentive: Not to exceed 50% of total installed (labor and materials) costs excluding tax. 

Rebate Limitations: Limit one rebate per location every five years.

Eligible Products/Equipment: Energy Star Rated Electric Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

Other Requirements:

  • System must be connected by a licensed electrician.
  • An RMLD Utility Authorization Number (UAN) is required.
  • A Town Wiring Inspection is required post-installation (A Town Electrical Permit is a prerequisite to the wiring inspection).  

Process Steps:

  • Pre-Installation:
    • The contractor must call RMLD at 781-942-6598 to obtain a Utility Authorization Number (UAN).
    • The contractor must obtain a Town Electrical Permit.
  • Post-Installation:
    • The contractor must ensure that the Town Wiring Inspection is completed.

How to Apply: Submit completed application form and supporting documentation to  

Required Supporting Documentation:

  • Proof of Purchase (must include description of item, total cost of materials and labor, purchase date, and purchased from)
  • Specification Sheet
  • Energy Star Label

Application Deadline: Application and supporting documentation must be received within 90 days of final wiring inspection.

Payment Method: Rebate will be issued as a bill credit.

Noteworthy changes from previous version of program:

05.11.21 – Updated application deadline language from “submitted” to “received.”

05.05.21 – Changed incentive amount from $500 to $200.

02.12.21 – Updated How to Apply.

01.20.21 – Heat pump hot water heater moved from appliance rebate program into stand-alone program. Specification sheet requirement added to required documentation. Other Requirements and Process Steps updated to include pre-installation UAN and electrical permit requirements, and post-installation wiring inspection requirements.

Effective Date: January 20, 2021