High School Art Contest 2019 - Results

In 2019, students were asked to create artwork commemorating RMLD’s 125th anniversary. Four winners were selected based on the creativity of the artwork and the message that was portrayed:

Nessren Ourdyl, Grade 11, North Reading High School, for her piece titled 125 Years of Connection

Laura Buscemi, Grade 12, North Reading High School, for her piece titled Continuing to Thrive at 125.

Jesse Ding, Grade 11, Wilmington High School, her piece titled Light Up as a Community.

Yuzhe (Charlie) Tian, Grade 11, St. John’s Preparatory, Reading, for his piece titled 125 Years Through History.

Each of the winners was awarded a $75 Staples gift card, and all other participants were given an honorable mention to thank them for their creativity and for submitting their original artwork. All participating students received a certificate for ten hours of community service for taking part in the contest.

RMLD’s Board of Commissioners will vote on which of the winning artwork will be featured on the cover of RMLD’s 2019 Annual Report at an upcoming Commission meeting. The student that is selected will receive an additional $25 gift card.