Residential Rebates

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Residential Rebate Programs

No-Cost Residential Home Energy Assessment:

RMLD offers no-cost home energy assessments to residential customers who are interested in implementing energy efficiency and conservation measures. The assessment consists of an evaluation of the home to identify efficiency measures that will help to conserve energy and lower your electric bill. Information about the various residential rebate programs is also provided. To request a Home Energy Assessment, contact RMLD at 781-942-6598 or click here.

High Efficiency Lighting Discount Through RMLD’s Online Store:

Buy high efficiency LED lightbulbs and advanced power strips at a discounted rate through RMLD’s online store to help the environment and reduce your electric bill. Click here to access RMLD's online store. 

Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program:

If you’re in the market for a new appliance, pick an energy-efficient model and you may qualify for a rebate from RMLD. We offer rebates ranging from $25 to $500 on most common household appliances that are ENERGY STAR rated. Some restrictions apply. Click on the Customer Rebate Portal icon above to apply.

If you need a paper application, please contact customer service at 781-942-6598.

Residential Renewable Energy Rebate Program:

Customers who install solar panels, wind generators or other renewable energy systems in their homes may be eligible for RMLD rebates of up to $2,000. Certain restrictions apply. Contact RMLD’s Integrated Resources Division at 781-942-6516 to learn more. 

Once completed, applications and supporting material can be e-mailed to

Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate

Reading Municipal Light Department is offering a Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate to customers who install a Level 2 (240 volt) plug-in electric vehicle (EV) charger at their residence or business. Through this program, RMLD will reimburse customers for 50% of out of pocket expenses up to $1500 per charger. Eligible expenses include charger purchase price and installation costs. Click on the Customer Rebate Portal icon above to apply.

If you need a paper application, please contact customer service at 781-942-6598.

Click here for energy saving tips for your home.


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RMLD reserves the right to modify or terminate RMLD Rebate Programs without prior notice based on the availability of funds and other relevant factors.

As a municipal electric utility, RMLD operates its own rebate program that is separate from privately owned electric utility rebates offered by Mass Save. As such, RMLD customers are solely eligible for electricity related rebates offered by RMLD. RMLD customers that are served by a Mass Save participating natural gas provider may be eligible for natural gas specific rebates from Mass Save.


The RMLD does not endorse any particular vendor, manufacturer, product, or system in promoting rebate programs.  Listing a vendor or product does not constitute an endorsement, nor does it imply that the unlisted vendors or products are deficient or defective in any way.