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Introduction to electricity video


Get an introduction to currents, circuits, volts and more
Static electricity experiment

Static Electricity

Do opposites attract? Find out how static electricity works by

experimenting with balloons and woolen fabric.

Keeping warm

Keeping Warm

Test the characteristics of different materials, find out why

polystyrene is such a great thermal insulator and learn about

heat transfer.

Physics games for kids

Have fun learning about science with these cool physics games. Enjoy a range of

interactive activities that will help you understand the awesome world of physics.

Friction game for kids


Learn how friction works by testing vehicles on different tracks, what

type of surfaces slow the cars down by increasing the level of


Electricity game for kids

Electricity Circuits 

Enjoy the challenge of this interactive electricity game as you

experiment with light bulbs, switches, wires, batteries and circuits.

Interactive Electric Circuits   Changing Circuits



Physics facts for kids

Check out these fun physics facts for kids and learn more about interesting topics

such as light, electricity, gravity, sound and energy.

Energy facts

Energy Facts

Learn about interesting energy related processes and enjoy the fun facts

related to solar, wind, kinetic, geothermal and nuclear energy.

Light facts

Light Facts

What's the speed of light? Is there a difference between ultraviolet

and infrared light? Find the answers to these and more questions

by checking out our light facts.

Electricity facts

Electricity Facts

You find electricity almost everywhere you go these days so it's

importantto know how it works. Enjoy facts about lightning, electric

eels, circuits and more.

Albert Einstein facts

Albert Einstein Facts

One of the most famous scientists of all time, Albert Einstein made a

number of amazing contributions to the field of physics.

Isaac Newton facts

Isaac Newton Facts

Learn about Isaac Newton, an English physicist who had a huge

influence on physics thanks to his work on gravity and motion.





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