Energy Saving Tips for Businesses

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Energy Saving Tips for Businesses

ENERGY STAR®, a program of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), offers a variety of resources and services to help Americans improve energy efficiency and save money on energy bills. In addition to certifying energy efficient products, homes, and commercial buildings, ENERGY STAR also offers tools and resources to help businesses manage their energy use in a cost-effective way:

The US Department of Energy also offers energy saving resources to residents and businesses. Click here to access their Energy Saver Guide.


Managing Demand to Save Money

RMLD uses two components to bill its commercial customers: demand, which is measured in kilowatts, and energy, which is measured in kilowatt-hours. In addition to increasing energy efficiency and decreasing overall energy consumption as means to save money, RMLD commercial customers can also reduce their bill by decreasing their demand.

Demand is a measure of the rate of energy used by electrical equipment during a specific period of time. The rate of energy used is based on the number and size of electrical equipment being used simultaneously. Demand is billed based on the fifteen-minute period in the billing cycle where the highest number of kilowatts was used. Therefore, commercial customers can decrease the demand charge portion of their bill by spreading electricity usage out rather than using large quantities within a confined timeframe.


Time-of-Use Rate

In addition to its standard commercial billing rate, RMLD also offers an industrial Time-of-Use (TOU) rate. TOU consists of an on-peak rate, when the demand for electricity from RMLD’s system is high, and an off-peak rate, when demand for electricity from RMLD’s system is low. Businesses that run a three-shift operation or have a steady load throughout the day may benefit from switching to the TOU Rate.

The on-peak rate applies between the hours of 12:00 P.M. (noon) and 7:00 P.M. Monday through Friday, holidays. The off-peak rate applies to all other hours. Demand is measured during on-peak periods only.

Please contact RMLD at 781-942-6598 or to determine whether switching to TOU will benefit your business.