Energy Efficiency & Rebate Programs

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Commercial Lighting Retrofit Program

The RMLD Commercial Lighting Retrofit Program is new and improved effective April 1st, 2015. Applications submitted before April 1st , 2015 will no longer be honored without prior RMLD approval. For more details, please contact our Integrated Resources Department at


Design Light Consortium DLC Searchable Database


Commercial Energy Initiative Rebate Program


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The RMLD reserves the right to modify or terminate RMLD Rebate Programs without prior notice. Check with our Integrated Resources Department for any program modification and updates on the program status. Verify money availability for any program you may be interested.


The RMLD does not endorse any particular vendor, manufacturer, product, or system in promoting rebate programs.  Listing a vendor or product does not constitute an endorsement, nor does it imply that the unlisted vendors or products are deficient or defective in any way.

Contact our Integrated Resources Department for further information on RMLD’s programs.

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