About Us

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RMLD serves more than 25,000 customers in its four-town service area. A professional staff of 80+ employees brings a broad scope of utility experience to RMLD’s daily operation, including an up-to-date understanding of the evolving energy market.

With its peak demand for electricity at more than 172 megawatts, RMLD purchases electricity from a number of different sources through long-and-short-term contracts.

RMLD introduced GREEN CHOICE in September 2006 to customers who voluntarily make an active choice to benefit the environment by supporting electricity generation from renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biogas and biomass. It is an exciting step in taking a positive stand for alternative energy.

RMLD has long contributed to the communities it serves through consistent returns on investments, in-lieu-of-tax payments, community development and energy education programs. This includes energy conservation programs, school safety projects, school-to-work partnerships, outreach to senior groups, community support and active memberships in local civic groups.
Surveys consistently show that RMLD is rated highly by its customers for reliability, responsiveness and customer service. Its ongoing commitment to the Total Quality Management (TQM) process, adopted in 1993, represents RMLD’s pledge to meet and exceed each customer’s expectation.



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